Earn $15+ per month with HitLeap & AdFocus

Self Earning: Minimum $15-25 per month. It can be $100 per month.


  1. Purchase Premium upgrade. It will bring 5000 minutes.
  2. Send the 5000 minutes traffic to adfocus link. Use traffic source as “Pinterest”. 10 seconds traffic each. It will be 30000 hits. It will generate $0.50-1 per 1k hit. So $10-25 in a month.
  3. Run the HitLeap Software to gain traffic minutes. Run 24 hour via my own computer or VPS. It will gain enough minutes to generate $4+ per day if the tool bar is set to run for 24 hour. I have read about this method on blackhatworld. The above method is from bhw user, if HitLeap traffic is accepted in AdFocus, then there is huge opportunity to earn. It has Buy traffic option. 10000 minutess of traffic for $9., which means 60000 hits of 10 seconds duration. 
    1. Referral Earning: Referral eaning will come from 2 sites. I need to offer guide to referrals. It is suitable for many European and American countries. 
    2. HitLeap: As a premium member, I will receive 50% of my referral’s purchases. So minimum $4 per referral for the monthly premium fee as long as they continue to remain as premium member. Maximum Earning per purchase is limited to Euro 25. Secondly, I will get 30% of their earned traffic minutes. It might turn into $10 worth of traffics.
    3. AdFocus: I will earn 20% of their earning. Since my guide method will of $100 per month, I will earn $20+ per month. 
So in total my earning will be $15 to several thousands of dollars if I HAVE REFERRALS TOO.